Hybrid Bombshell Turtle Lure

bombshell turtle lure

Bombshell is the original turtle lure, and a leader in this new category for soft-plastics.

  • All new bait category
  • For fresh and saltwater fishing
  • A natural bait for most game fish
  • Hybrid design increases lure versatility
  • Texas-rig similar to most other soft-plastic lures
  • Slim profile for casting and moving naturally through vegetation
  • 13 natural and proven fish-catching colors


throw something different - bombshell turtle hybrid lure

Your Missing Link to More & Bigger Fish!

Why a bombshell turtle fishing lure? Throughout the history of evolution bass and even saltwater species have aggressively attacked JUVENILE TURTLES in the wild. Both fresh and saltwater gamefish despise egg-raiding turtles, attacking them aggressively throughout the seasons. It’s nature’s way of balancing population shifts in the wild.


Nature’s Perfect Creature Lure – Driven by a fish’ DNA to Strike

Aggressive attacks by bass toward juvenile turtles has been well documented for more than 35 years in films featuring largemouth bass behavior – bringing many to ask, what took so long to make the lure?

Until now, no one has created a lifelike, fish-able soft plastic lure like the 3” Hybrid Bombshell Turtle Lure. History has proven that adult game fish in both fresh and saltwater attack juvenile turtles, and this unique shape is irresistible to fish. When fish are presented with the slow fall of the turtle lure they consistently strike it aggressively.
Simply put – this new lure shape fills a missing link in the standard soft-plastic lure offering.


bombshell turtle lure hybrid design


Not just during the bass bedding season, bass continue to eat juvenile turtles year-around to naturally ensure survival of the bass species. Female turtles produce hundreds, if not thousands of hatchlings every year – ever wonder why our lakes are not just overwhelmed by millions of turtles? Sure, birds, snakes, racoons and other animals take their share, but bass regularly eat them to equal natures balance and as a protein source. JUVENILE TURTLES have soft shells and are easily digested whole by bass as evidenced by anglers who have found many a juvenile turtle in the gullet or stomach of their catch. SALTWATER: Good reports of success, casting the lure on top of Sargassum and allowing the lure to drop off the edge and slowly descending below the cover for aggressive saltwater strikes!

Simply put – this new lure shape fills a missing link in the standard soft-plastic lure offering. 95% of the hits on this Bombshell Turtle Lure is on the drop, so a tantalizing slow descent with its automatic leg action will draw more strikes. It can be rigged like many other soft plastic lures, “pop” the lure for multiple descents during the retrieve near underwater structure to lure big fish out of cover – let the lure do the work, pop and retrieve it s-l-o-w.

The Hybrid Bombshell Turtle Lure has an elongated shell that enables bullet-like casting and a slender body profile to allow better swimming through vegetation. This design also makes it easier for anglers to set the hook more efficiently. The elongated shell and claw-like legs can also imitate a crab profile. The legs are designed for maximum action during a weighted retrieve. Or let it descend horizontally with a slow “do-nothing” finesse action using little or no weight so that it mimics a turtle’s natural fall.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Use the Bombshell Finesse Weighted Hook, or the new Bombshell Pivoting Head “Jiggy” Hook

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Bombshell Turtle Hybrid Fishing Lure
3-Inch, 6-Count Pack

Black/Silver 01 BT306-01
Black/Red 02 BT306-02
Juvenile Green 04 BT306-04
Cooter 34 BT306-34
Chix Flix 38 BT306-38
June Bug 48 BT306-48
Slime Green   New! 85 BT306-85
Slider 190 BT306-190
Snapper 232 BT306-232
Softshell A7 BT306-A7
Nite Glow D9 BT306-D9
Watermelon Fire G7 BT306-G7
Green Pumpkin J2 BT306-J2
space space space
4/0 Weighted Hook 1/16-oz. BWH-40116-5R
“Jiggy” Swing Head Jig 1/4-oz. BJYH-14
“Jiggy” Swing Head Jig 3/8-oz. BJYH-38
Auto/Boat Decal 6″x 4″ BT-DECAL


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Swing Head Jiggy Head


Weighted Finesse Hook



  1. Castalia Outdoors says

    bombshell turtle smallmouth bass catch
    Im a big smallmouth fisherman…and i must say…the second the turtle hits the water. its one of my favorite lures now and if the fishing is slow…they ALWAYS hit this thing.

    Thanks guys!!

    Mason City, IA

  2. Castalia Outdoors says

    Mahi-mahi found to have eaten at least 18 small juvenile turtles
    Reports from all over the world have come in on gamefish (both fresh and saltwater). They were found to have made juvenile turtles a major part of their diet. Nothing better illustrates this than this mahi-mahi with at least 18 small turtles ingested.

  3. Castalia Outdoors says

    We started using these baits here in Michigan as soon as we received our first pack in July. Wow!!! Great Lakes bass had never seen anything like this! Smallmouth bass in Lake St Clair were all over them. Largemouth bass on the inland lakes couldn’t resist the slow taunting twitch of four turtle legs floating past them. Why didn’t anybody think of this lure before now!!!

  4. Castalia Outdoors says

    bombshell turtle catch
    Caught several this size on the blue bombshell turtle, had one break off in the ten plus range. Could not turn the fish in the cover that I was fishing. Did get to see the fish. The bombshell works! Thanks for the advance shipment. I can’t wait until next weeks tournament.

    UPDATE: 3rd place finish this weekend. I was able to get three of my five fish on the turtle (Junebug). Not bad considering I lost 2nd due to a dead fish penalty and was only .25 pounds from the 1st place spot. Bad thing is when you are on fish everyone ends up on top of you fishing.

    Next month, Lake Yale in Lake County. Should be another good turtle bite in deep water brush piles.

  5. Castalia Outdoors says

    bombshell turtle catch
    Well I got the Turtle lure bombshellturtle.com after seeing the discussion all I can say is this lure works caught 10 this morning 1 Smallmouth and 9 largemouth all decent size River Hog

  6. Castalia Outdoors says

    Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at this:

    Turtle in Bass Turtle in Bass

    and here’s the story:
    The bass Louie’s holding slammed his Pop R. After the battle, and the fish was landed, we were taking the pic & Louie noticed something moving in the Bass’s throat. This Mud turtle actually crawled out of the fish’s stomach. The fish swallowed it again and it came crawling back out again. That’s when we decided to take the needlenosed pliers and help the little guy out. We pulled him to safety. Both bass and turtle were released unharmed. There’s the proof & we can’t wait to get our hands on some of those Bombshells and head to the river.


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