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Bombshell Crab for in-shore saltwater

Bombshell Crab Lure

bombshell crab lureThe Truly “Fishable” Crab

Imitating an in-shore saltwater crab with live-action claws, the Bombshell® Crab can be easily texas-rigged like a traditional soft plastic lure, allowing you to fish it more naturally through vegetation, holes and around structure with a lively presentation.

Use a forward-weighted jig or Texas-rig with a worm hook with the hook point up through the hook channel for weedless fishing. The concave belly allows it to be skipped under docks or under mangroves to reach hidden fish. The hook channel allows weedless hook rigging and easier hooks-sets through the minimized body thickness.  When rigged, the crab’s live-action claws will rise in a defensive position – much like a live crab, creating a natural presentation and producing maximum strike responses from game fish such as Redfish, Snook, trout and more.

Bombshell Crab Features

Bombshell Crab Pack Bombshell Turtle is made in the USA


The Bombshell Crab lure is available in 3-inch size, 6-count packs, in 8 color selections: 04-Juvenile Green, 18-Cooter, 19-Electric Blue, 38-Chix Flix, 51-Red Silver Flake, D1-Smoke Gold Flake, D9-Nite Glow and P2-Rootbeer Gold Flake.

Bombshell Crab Colors

Bombshell Crab Product Flyer (4.5 mb PDF Download)



Effective Bombshell Crab Jigheads


Bombshell Crab Rigs


1. Egret Baits 1/16 oz.,

2. RipTide Screw Lock HD Jig, 1/4 oz.,

3. Gamakatsu Weighted Superline Spring-Lock #296413-1/8, 3/0, 1/8 oz.

4. Woodies Rattlers, Weighted Rattling Hook, 3/0, 3/16 oz.,

5. Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp #L111316G-3/0, Swimbait 3/16,

6. Luck “E’ Strike, Perfect Finesse Worm Rig, 1/4 oz.


Where to Buy?



Ask your local tackle dealer for the new Bombshell Crab lure.

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