watch big bass feeding behavior bombshell hybrid turtle lure

Bombshell Hybrid Turtle Lure

The original and an innovative leader in this new category for soft-plastics.
Throughout the history of evolution bass and even saltwater species have aggressively attacked JUVENILE TURTLES in the wild.

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SHELL GAME – Juvenile Turtles Tempt Bass and Other Predators

As seen in the July issue of Bassin' Magazine

By David A. Brown

Is it intentional targeting; some ill-willed adversarial relationship manifested through lethal force? Or is it classic opportunism – a momentary decision to get while the gettin’s good? Definitive answers as to when and why bass and other predators eat young turtles have long remained elusive, yet throughout the years the tackle industry has seen several attempts to mimic the baby amphibians. From the moldings of yesteryear, to the modern Bombshell Turtle, amphibian imposters are no accident; no random pondering. Learn more . . .

Tempting Turtle Tidbits

As seen on

By Capt. Ron Presley

In visiting with some of my saltwater angling friends it appears that marine critters like baby turtles too. There are plenty of antidotes and scientific information that suggest marine turtles are just another food source. In this case it appears to be more of a predator/prey situation. When the baby sea turtles hatch and return to the ocean the predator fish, being opportunistic feeders, don’t mind slurping them up. Learn more . . .

The Secret Message Behind Baby Turtle Lures

As seen in Gaff Magazine

by Shane Townsend

As far as I can tell, there are two kinds of people in this world: those with a soft spot for baby turtles and those without. The latter don’t deserve the sweetness of a dip cone or the comfort of two-ply toilet paper. Thing is, baby-turtle haters look just like you and me. They walk among us. So, before you go indiscriminately breaking out the Breyers or sharing the Charmin, you may want to weed out the herpaphobes. Learn more . . .